Legacy of a Father

by Monique Franz
  • 80 Minutes
  • 2-9 VARIABLE

Collection, Doubling Possible, flexible cast, Simple Set


“Legacy of a Father” is a collection of  seven dramatic and comedy one-act plays inspired by real one-on-one, personal interviews conducted by the playwright, Monique Franz. The series addresses a fatherless theme and deals with absentee fathers and the absence of what a father traditionally provides.


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The “Legacy of a Father” collection contains seven one-act plays with a total of 22 characters from culturally-diverse backgrounds.

Each one-act play may be performed as individual skits (ideal for theatre classrooms), however the full collection can be performed as an 80-90 minute production. They deal with the features a father normally provides – security, protection, identity, affirmation, and love.

The series begins with the playwright’s autobiographical prologue and extends into four dramas and two comedies; “Candy and Toys”, “The Legend of an Invisible Father”, “Wrong Place, Wrong Time”, “Unlocked Doors,” “Papito”, and “Far from the Tree”. Each script is a fictional portrayal of the real-life issues extracted from the personal interviews of individuals from all walks of life struggling with fatherlessness.

Casts contains 22 members; 6 African-Americans ; 4 Caucasians; 3 Latinos; 1 Chinese, and 8 undetermined ethnicities

The collection contains plays with the following titles

Wrong Place Wrong Time
Unlocked Doors
The Legacy of an Invisible Father
Far from the Tree
Candy and Toys
Daddy”s Silhouette




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