Digital Disturbances-Three 10-Minute Comedies of Modern Technology

by Bonnie Culver
  • 10 - 30 minutes
  • 3M/2F Max 5/Min 3

Farce, Aging, Bare Stage, Collection, Colleges, Comedy, Community, Doubling Possible, High School


Who hasn’t struggled with expanding technology? In these three 10-minute comedies, cell phones disrupt lives to uncover a serial philander, a GPS unit miraculously provides comfort to a widower, and Everyman seeks, in vain, a Representative!


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Who hasn’t struggled with expanding technology?

In Cell, a family tries to sell a house by burying a statue of St. Joseph, a lonely boy makes human contact via texting, and a footloose and fancy Don Juan gets his comeuppance. Using a bare stage and cell phones, the actors create a sense of lives lived on the edge of chaos.

In GPS, a widower struggles to find his way in an automobile while the embodied voices of his “Tarmin” accompany him on a journey to an address which becomes increasingly elusive.

Auto-mated takes us on a journey through the frustrating mazes telephone menus and sidetracks, complete with automated voices, down the garden path to . . . ?

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  • 10 minute comedy
  • 10 minute play

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Cell – a 15 minute comedy for 4 actors

From the Play

From Cell:

LISA: One. Two. . . . . . four. Good! She’s not home. Waiting for the beep…..
SHEILA: (Stepping into the light, answering the phone)Hello.
LISA: (Caught) Sh…..Sheila!
SHEILA: Lisa. I was just going to call you.
LISA: Oh, great.

(Long pause)

SHEILA: Right. You were supposed to call me. Last week? Let me know about the house.
LISA: Yeah….that’s what I was doing. I mean. I’ve been busy, too. Work and all.
SHEILA: (Sighing, not happy)We both know I’m the oldest and we both know I’m more…well more settled than you. I know I’m not out there in Chicago and…too far away from PA…maybe that’s why she did it. She made you executor and well . . . that’s it. But then you have to handle it. Understand?
LISA:(Overlapping SHEILA’s speech)Sheila…..I mean….Sheila? I can’t…..well…..yes… now, yes. She did. But can’t we? I mean…Sheila?
SHEILA: I promised Michael we’d get out from under expenses on Mom’s house. You did list it?
LISA: Of course.
SHEILA: (Not believing her)Lisa, did you list the house?
LISA: Yes.
SHEILA: With whom?
LISA: Century 21……with a……eh….Jeffrey Dahmer.
SHEILA: You listed mom’s house with a serial killer?
LISA: No…well
SHEILA: Meanwhile, Michael and I are paying the mortgage. Did you at least do what Aunt Dorie told you?
LISA: That sounded too hokey.
SHEILA: It’s not hokey. It works, Lisa. We sold two houses that way. In three days.
LISA: But burying somebody in the backyard? Don’t ya think?
SHEILA: It’s not some body. It’s a figurine of St. Joseph. Lisa? How ‘bout I call you evefry few days. Kinda help keep you on track?
LISA: Sure….that would be…..great.
SHEILA: Right. O.K. Call you Sunday. Remember St. Joseph. Kiss kiss. Love you. All that.
LISA: (Overlapping) Yeah. Sunday….Ditto. Yeah….love…you….too…kiss….Right. I’ll get my lucky rabbit’s foot. Get right on that….yeah.

(They hang up. SHEILA immediately redials.)

SHEILA: Michael? Yes. I talked to her. . . .she hasn’t listed the house….How do I know? I do.


  • June 7, 2020 - Ophelia's Jump - Live Streaming

    GPS – a 10 minute play from this collection was performed before a live zoom audience.   Simul-streamed on Facebook

    Directed by Sheila Malone

    Joe– Randy Lopez
    Lance– Kaitlyn Bohlman
    Samantha– Caitlin Lopez
    Ginger– Cecile Entz
    Fred– Ethan El Bard


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