Broken Dolls

by June Prager
  • 60 - 90 minutes
  • 5 F

Edgy Play, Minimal Set, Simple Set


Broken Dolls tells the fictional stories of women- both international and domestic- who have been trafficked for sex work, domestic labor, hotel work, and agricultural work. Taking place in a waiting room at a social service facility, the play revolves around five female survivors of human trafficking who cross paths. Entrapped and isolated, five women come together to weave their narratives in a mix of monologue and dialogue, merging reality and memories of coping and longing.


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Play Details


June Prager, director and playwright, threads these stories together in a waiting room of a shelter for trafficked women.

The play shows the multifaceted experiences inherent to trafficking, as not every human story is the same. In one scene, “Good girl, smart girl, so pretty” is a line repeated to portray how victims are subjugated so they will sexually perform.

There are believed to be millions of women who are victims of trafficking worldwide – in a multi-billion dollar industry. The intention of this work is to raise awareness for women who suffer systemic abuse – as a result of human trafficking in its various forms. Mirage Theatre Company’s goal is to tell the stories of invisible women and heighten awareness about this form of gender-biased modern-day slavery.

Funding support for this project has been provided by Anchor of Hope, Awesome Foundation, The Yip Harburg Lyrics Foundation, Kaslow Family Charitable Trust, The New York Women’s Foundation, Puffin Foundation and The Underground at Vassar College.

In April, 2019, Mirage Theatre Company partnered with Vassar College Underground, a student organization from Vassar College aimed at combating human trafficking as part of a weekend residency from April 25 – April 27, 2019. The residency concluded with 2 staged readings of the script and a panel discussion about human trafficking.

On October 21, 2019, a staged reading of Broken Dolls was presented at Theater for the New City as part of its New Blood Reading Series. Directed by June Prager, the cast of the reading featured actors Stephanie Chloe, Yanzi Ding, Ashley Taylor Greaves, Vilma Hodo, and Samyuktha Viswanathan.

From the Play


I come from a village in Guatemala where the mountains meet the sea. If I close my eyes, I can see it so clearly, I can almost touch it. We are farmers. We rent land and grow sugarcane to sell. Whatever money is leftover, we keep. We use the animals to help us, if we can. Or we use animals for food. This is our life.

My father hears neighboring villages are sending people north to work on American soil, and he thinks about going. He finds out only young people are allowed. I want to go. He says a girl shouldn’t go on a journey like that by herself. But there will be other people my age. Besides, I’m used to working the land. If I could make American money doing the same work I do in the village…It’s also a way for me to explore. I’ve never been further than the nearest village. I didn’t know that once you leave, you don’t come back.

You don’t come back.

Adhira rubs her hands a bit and then takes a lotion bottle out of her bag.

And where do you come from?


A door opens and A-Huei enters. She stops and looks around at the others. Then closes the door and sits down.
The others are watching A-Huei, except for Sofia. Then Hailey & Blanca go back to their magazines.
Adhira has turned toward A-Huei, watching her. Then she turns front. She looks down at her hands, her skin is raw and painful. She massages her hands and remembers a hotel recruit.
Flashback as lights change to past.
What kind of people do you work for?


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