Plays for Teens and Young Adults: Coping with a Crazy World

School shootings, mass violence, and guns have become commonplace in our society. The “stranger danger” mantra of the last decade no longer applies. Looking over our shoulders is not a helpful strategy—our next menace is probably sitting with us at the local fast fooderie, school cafeteria or outdoor concert. And some officials are suggesting arming […]

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3 Ways University Drama Departments Can Build Enrollment Without Breaking the Bank

Attracting Theatre Studies Students Finding competent students has become an increasingly difficult task for most colleges and universities over the years.  This decline is mostly mathematical. Schools and programs have increased more than the number of students likely to populate them. At the Maslow MA/MFA Program for Creative Writing where I teach playwriting, for example, […]

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How Many Bullets Will it Take–Teen Drama fights back

Will we have to find ourselves in a country of over-twenty-ones? Will we bury the last of our school children before our country considers ALL of the deadly dynamics culminating in an historic loss of young lives due to violence? A newly published drama for teens and adults invites audiences to challenge current assumptions about […]

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From Playwright To Librettist – A Contemporary Opera

The Problem With Opera Much of the great operatic literature (contemporary or classic) is plagued with an issue audiences tend to tolerate. The music is riveting.  The plot and the character development –well, not so much.  Candide, of course, is one of the exceptions. Another may be Lucia di Lammermoor. But even then, you have […]

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Dinner Theater Fundraiser of Fanny and Manny Tie The Knot Raised $52,000

Theatre; Just Because dinner theatre presented in partnership with and in support of Waypoints, directed by Michelle Thorne. The fundraiser in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada was for the Waypoints charity local women’s shelter annual fundraising event. The play ” Fanny and Manny Tie the Knot”  was written by Leslie McBlair and Published by Blue Moon Plays. […]

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Play About the Holocaust – A Gem Among Holocaust Plays

A play about the holocaust can sometimes be horrifying, stark or fact-filled and biographical. Distant Survivors differs greatly from these as it focuses on the drama contained in Holocaust Poetry. Plays based on holocaust diaries like the Diary of Anne Frank can represent the practical and fearsome challenges of confinement and fear of discovery.

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