Christmas Play Scripts for Kids – Queens & Princesses

Does your school or college Christmas Play have Royal Characters like a Queen, a Princess or a Duchess? Learning to play a Queen, Princess or Duchess for a school play can be quite a challenge for kids and teens unless you know the rules of Royal Etiquette based on British monarchy rules.  How do you stand? […]

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Spoken Word lights up America’s Got Talent 2020

Simon Cowell in tears as Brandon Leake Makes AGT History With Powerful Poetry Well the cat is out of the bag. Spoken Word Poetry makes great theatre. Here at Blue Moon Plays we’ve been ahead of the trend; championing the idea that verse poetry makes great theatre and, finally, the entertainment industry has been shown […]

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5 Tips for Theatrical Productions During the Pandemic

WELCOME TO THE FUTURE “Looking back on things, the view always improves” Pogo Comic Strip In keeping with the pandemic restrictions of COVID-19, the Virginia Stage Company (VSC) produced a Zoom reading in July of Nat’s Last Struggle by P. A. Wray. it played to a fairly “full house” and many of the attendees stayed […]

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New Imprint – Unicorn Bay Press

We’re delighted to be introducing readers to this latest Imprint, Unicorn Bay Press. Unicorn Bay Press presents a distinct line of innovative spoken word and poetry reading experiences that captures the Blue Moon Plays spirit and will complement the titles from our existing imprints: Blue Moon Plays, Havescripts and Scriptworks Press. The new imprint will […]

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The One-Person Show:

The Pandemic and The Resurrection The one-person play, ranging from one-act to full-length, has a distinguished history, in theatre. It is one of the most cost-effective forms of theatre and a perfect vehicle for an actor, a playwright, and a director–especially when all three are the same person.  For a comprehensive description of the creation […]

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Short and Sweet: The Tasteful Value of a Short Play

By Julie Danao-Salkin Blue Moon Plays Guest Blog In a generation where short attention spans are easily distracted by the instant gratification of technology or by the next best social media post with thousands of views, the value of short plays still earns its place in the creative hemisphere. During the crisis of Covid-19, this […]

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What in the Heck is a Poem-Play?

Just recently, two of Virginia’s most noted poets, Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda and Robert P. Arthur have combined talents to produce a work for the stage, River Country. Kreiter-Foronda is a former Poet-Laureate of Virginia and an award-winning poetry advocate who tirelessly brings poetry to the community in the form of workshops and readings. Arthur, also a […]

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Verse on Stage – Poets Fight Back

Poetic drama or verse drama has successfully reared its head along the way: Under Milkwood by Dylan Thomas who understood theatricality and resonance and dramatic cadence, for example. I once saw a production of that play by the National Theatre of the Deaf with signing from the stage which was not only functional but as […]

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Poetic drama in the 20th century

Setting the stage for a growing trend in the 21st Century, Verse plays make a comeback as theatre directors discover new audiences. Back in the day, at the beginning of Western drama, the Greeks had it right. Plays and poetry are handmaidens. With the advent of naturalism and realism, poetic drama began to take a […]

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Crossing the Racial Divide in Theater on the Great White Way:

Theater in Transition Color-blind casting has helped diversify roles for actors. In terms of diversifying the world of the stage, though, not so much. To make the world on stage reflect a more diverse audience—characters  of different ethnicities, abilities, and backgrounds need to encounter each other as they do in life. On stage, they need […]

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