Christmas Play Scripts for Kids – Queens & Princesses

Does your school or college Christmas Play have Royal Characters like a Queen, a Princess or a Duchess? Learning to play a Queen, Princess or Duchess for a school play can be quite a challenge for kids and teens unless you know the rules of Royal Etiquette based on British monarchy rules.  How do you stand? […]

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Theatre vs Theater – Facts and Fancies

Theatre vs. Theater The spelling of the word theater/theatre is one of the most oddly contested issues in the world of drama. For some curious reason, diehards cling to one variation or another with a variety of justifications about which one is “correct.” Well, the answer is: Both and Neither. It depends on your nationality, […]

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Readers Theater – A Show in the Blink of an Eye

Want to celebrate a season but didn’t find the right play and now it’s too late for auditions and a month’s rehearsals? Found a play you’d love to do but don’t know if it will fit your audience? Have too many dark nights that are eating away at your budget with utility bills and rent […]

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Plays for Teens and Young Adults: Coping with a Crazy World

School shootings, mass violence, and guns have become commonplace in our society. The “stranger danger” mantra of the last decade no longer applies. Looking over our shoulders is not a helpful strategy—our next menace is probably sitting with us at the local fast fooderie, school cafeteria or outdoor concert. And some officials are suggesting arming […]

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