Fairy Tale One-act Play “Royal Tea” is a Winner!

A fun fairy tale one-act musical play for 7 females, Royal Tea by Cindy Dlugolecki came 4th Place in the GISA Region Competition for one-acts. It was performed by the one-act team from Tiftarea Academy in Chula, Georgia.

tiftarea academy cast for royal tea
Tiftarea Academy cast for Royal Tea

In Royal Tea, a fast-paced, one-act musical, fairy-tale favorites grapple with the mayhem created when The Fairy Godmother announces she is retiring. Retiring? Snow White, Cinderella, and Rapunzel, among others, have followed her lead for centuries. And now what?

They and their fairytale sisters have a dilemma: What to do? What to do? Will the days of magic finally be over? Apparently not, based on the reaction to the cast’s performance in the competition.

We received a lot of great feedback from the other teams and the judges. They enjoyed the play and the songs! They said Royal Tea seemed like a cute and very funny production.

Marlee Cox, One-Act Team. Tiftarea Academy
Alison Carter with her award for Outstanding Performer as the Fairy Godmother in Royal Tea

The character of The Fairy Godmother may be retiring, but the student actor playing her is not. Allison Carter received an Outstanding Performer Award for her performance in that role. Magic all around!

Cindy Dlugolecki is an accomplished playwright with many productions to her credit and an MA from the Maslow Program in Creative Writing at Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Her one-woman show about Violet Oakley, a leading figure in American art, as well as her Christmas spoof, A.N.G.E.L., Inc, demonstrates her belief in the power of women in society.

What most draws me is writing stories about women struggling to find themselves in a harsh world.  My master’s thesis play– Snap! — was about women in prison.

In an interview with dramachicks by Rachel Strayer

Royal Tea follows suit. Her young heroines have all lived in the mythical shadow of their romantic heroes for generations. From Prince Charming to the Seven Dwarves, men have determined their fate. When their leader, the Fairy Godmother announces her retirement, they discover that they have more strength and independence than they had realized. Royal Tea is a lot of fun with a message about the strength of women neatly tucked into its levity.

Royal Tea is about women– young, contemporary women in the guise of fairy-tale characters. They are young and hip–even the Fairy Godmother – old enough to retire – sings:

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But they also learn, through having to take up the reins of their own domain, that they can be women who are purposeful, self-confident, and competent. as the Fairy Godmother tells them:

Look inside yourselves.  I’m not the only one with magic.  You have magic too!  And I apologize for keeping you from finding your own magic before today. 

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